Sirens’ Welcome

“We welcome you to our island home. Please make yourself comfortable. We would ask you to remove your shoes but we see you only have one on. Is this the latest fashion? We have no need of shoes here.

You are shivering. Has it been raining? There is seaweed in your hair. You make us laugh. Don’t worry about getting the floor wet. It’s a common occurrence. Take off your damp clothes. You will not embarrass us and it will do you no good to catch a chill.

We have prepared a feast for you. There are pomegranate seeds, oysters, chocolate, and wine to help warm you again. Do not wait for us, eat your fill. It is irresistible, we know.

Oh, you meant us? Thank you. We haven’t heard such praise in a long time. We will sing for you after supper. It is a song no one has heard before. You are unique, you are special. We’ve taken a liking to you too. Others say love at first sight does not exist. We now know they are wrong.

Finish eating. You need your strength. We can go to the bedroom later. We long for you too. We have desired your touch ever since you appeared before us in a watery mirage. You appeared to us like Adonis. Do not worry, we will hide you away from the others. Forget you had a crew, forget you had brothers. They are not important now. We will care for you. Your sorrow will cause you no pain anymore. No, we are not angels. Our wings do give that impression though. We are your fantasy just as much as you are ours.

Are you overwhelmed? Your eyes are too full of us. You do not see what has happened to your ship. The mast has splintered, the bow shattered. You will have to stay with us a little while longer. We’re sure you won’t mind that. We will think of ways to keep you entertained. We have all the time in the world. You are free of the burden of time. You are finally home. It will keep you safe.

We are completely compelled by you. Your kisses are like a shark tasting blood for the first time. Your ferocious passion is heady. It makes us drunk. We like the taste of it. We want to taste more. Do you want to fuck us one at a time or altogether?

You have found us at the right time. We are no handmaidens, no ladies in waiting, no servants. All of this is ours. Including you. You still haven’t looked round our hall. Are we that becoming? Do not look now, not when we’ve just got comfortable. We want your full attention on us. There will be more than enough time for you to explore our home after.

You do not hear our words, only the melody we sing. Your pleasure drowns out our speech. But if you think we would ever sell or give up our voices, you are wrong. It is our greatest power. And our power gives us more pleasure than you could ever imagine.

What’s wrong? Why have you stopped? You thought what? That there was someone watching you from the walls? Look again – there is no one there. Only the bleached plaster arches of the walls. You are obviously tired, we should let you rest. We have been very selfish keeping you all to ourselves. Time for you to sleep, we think. Don’t worry, we won’t be far away if you need anything.”

It is an old song, but it is a good one. Irresistible. Passed through the many generations of our family, timeless as the waves and moon that governs them. It works every time.

If the gods sought to punish us, they have only made us stronger by banishing us here. There is a never-ending supply of food and the sun warms our naked bodies. We may only be concubines to some but such a name will never shame us. For we hold the power of life and death in our hands because of our sex.  There is something dangerous about our female form. Perhaps it is the pleasure we take in the role we have been given. We were forced here but we choose to stay.

Many have sought to evade our wiles. They always succumb in the end. No one can resist what we have to offer. We can offer comfort, salvation, freedom, all through our song. We lament for no one, only sing with joy at the anticipation of earthly delights and eternal satisfaction.

Our palace is built of catacombs. Our victims fill the halls with their eternal cracks and crunches. Bones form the arches, the skulls add a little extra something to our decorations. We have a flair for the dramatic, you see. We might as well put those surplus unfortunate souls to use.

“Oh, you’re awake? Did you rest well? Why do you look so scared? Do you see us now for what we truly are?

Don’t struggle. That will make the ordeal last longer. We were having such a lovely time before. Does that mean nothing to you now? Such a shame. We really were starting to like you. Well that’s all in the past now.

Did they never warn you not to follow the sirens’ song? We know we can be quite enchanting but you really only have yourself to blame. The warning signs were there but you chose not to heed them. Did the bones of your fallen comrades mean nothing to you as you ground them to dust under your feet? Oh you can look disgusted now but it doesn’t disguise the fact that you were writhing in your ecstasy in them just moments ago.

Take some deep breaths. We know it’s a lot to take in.

Your feast is over. Now our feast begins.”

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