Self Help Books – The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck

I loved this book. It’s one of the best ones I’ve read and really appealed to my sense of burn out regarding the constant pressure I’ve felt to put other people’s needs before my own, and helps me give myself permission to prioritise self-care. It also appeals to my sense of humour, the light hearted  approach (and swearing) making me laugh and enjoy the read, making it more likely for me to take on the advice because it’s easier. There are other books that are more emotionally raw that I think are very valuable, but can also be difficult to read. The humour in this makes it easier to put a few things in place that might help you on your way to dealing with that more intense stuff.  The advice itself it practical, and acknowledges that this is probably going to be very difficult to do, so lets you take on giving less fucks in stages (easiest = things to super difficult = family), while not turning into an asshole (every people-pleasers biggest fear!)


So, I think you will like this book if you;

Want to stop putting other people first but don’t know how to start.

Are a people-pleaser and it’s leading to burnout.

Need help with implementing boundaries for your time and care.

Want practical advice to implement, with the flexibility to adjust it to your own circumstances.

Would appreciate sweary, light-hearted humour about what can be quite an emotional topic.


This probably isn’t for you if;

You want a very strict routine or regime to follow.

You don’t like swearing or find too much of it tiresome.

You need something that more clearly acknowledges and empathises with the really hard parts of having mental health problems

You’re looking for advice on a specific mental health problem.

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