Self Help Books – I want to sleep

This little gem came with my latest Buddy Box and it is well worth reading. It has two main sections, one about the science of sleep which is interesting and does give you more information on why you might be feeling knackard, and one on actually getting to sleep which is obviously what we are all here for. It emphasises all the external and internal signals that we can give ourselves to tell our body and mind that it is time to sleep, and how we can change our environment to do this best. My particularly favourite part was a guide to the foods which are best to help you sleep and what you may be short of that might be effecting you. It’s easy to make small changes from this list and it’s one of those if it doesn’t help it wont hurt type things. It also reinforces what I have secretly always hoped – napping can be good for you, 20 min cat-naps are likely to make you feel better, and if you have a ‘sleep debt’ catching up with a little naptime is better than trying to keep going on not enough sleep. So get the blankets out and snuggle up.


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