Summer Coolers – How to make Iced Tea, Chocolate & Coffee

Our Blind Date Books all come with a hot drink option – tea, chocolate or coffee, but as the weather heats up, you might be more interested in how to make them into a delicious iced drink. Here’s our guide – it’s super easy, even if you haven’t done it before!


The quickest way to make iced tea to is to make a very small espresso-shot sized amount of tea in the usual way, then add cold water and ice. So, add 1 tsp of loose leaf tea to an infuser or teabag, or pop your ready made teabag into a cup, boil the kettle, and pour directly over the teabag/infuser. Then brew for 3-5mins – this part is especially important to make it nice and strong before you dilute it! Fill a separate glass with cold water and ice cubes. Once your tea is brewed, remove the teabag/infuser and pour the tea over the ice into your glass, give it a good stir, and top with more ice if required. Now you have a refreshing glass of lovely tea – you can even decorate with fresh fruit or herbs if you are feeling extra fancy!

If you have more time, or are making iced tea for a group, you can simply make the tea they way you usually would, leave it to cool, then put it in the fridge overnight to chill properly. You don’t necessarily need to buy extra equipment, if you have a big teapot you can brew it as usual in there, and once it has cooled (remember to remove the tea after 3-5mins so it doesn’t become bitter!) transfer it into a glass jug or bottle. Then it’s ready for the next day to be poured over ice and decorated with fruit or herbs if you want!



Similarly, the quickest way to make a chocolate milkshake is to add hot water to the chocolate to melt it then add cold milk. Pour about 40g of chocolate drops into a cup, then cover with boiled water from the kettle – make sure it is only just covered with the boiling water or it will lose flavour. Then whisk to combine! A battery operated milk frother works best for this, as it both melts the chocolate and cools the mixture slightly as the air is added to make it frothy. Then, when you add the cold milk and whisk it again, it mixes together instead of hardening the chocolate into bits again, giving you a nice smooth milkshake. You could even add a scoop of ice cream on top to keep it cold and make it even more delicious!



To make iced coffee using a cafetiere, you will need a lot of ice or enough foresight to make it the day before and chill it overnight. Either way is very simple though! The quickest way is to prepare the coffee as normal; 1 rounded tablespoon of coffee per cup, pour over hot water just off the boil, stir, and leave to brew for 2-5mins. Then fill a large heat proof glass with ice, push down the plunger of the cafetiere, and slowly pour the coffee over the ice. Some of the ice will melt with the heat, but with enough ice the coffee will still be cold. Add cold milk if you like, stir and enjoy!

The second method is the same as for iced tea, make a pot of coffee as normal, leave to cool completely, then transfer into a glass bottle and chill in the fridge overnight, then you will have a lovely cold coffee to enjoy when you wake up.

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