Meet The Team

Amy Metcalf (center) Founder, Manager, Hug Giver, Ideas Fairy, Gift Maker

Nicola Wallace (right) Digital Communications Volunteer, Writer Extraordinaire, Book Nerd, Cafe Companion


Dan Chalk, Tech Superhero, Webmaster, Stress Reducer, Lol Provider

Smokey aka Pusscat, Sleeping Partner (literally, he sleeps while I work), Purr Machine, Floof Distributor, Professional Miaow Artist, Most Elegant Poser

Liz aka Mum (right), Curator of Children’s Books, Former; Teacher, Children’s Nurse, Childminder, HLTA, Reader of Stories on the Train to Me My Brother and Any Child in the Vicinity, Current; Home Start Volunteer, Surrogate Grandma, Book and Toy Enthusiast