When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.

Welcome to The Storybook Cafe! As lovers of both books and cafes, and the importance of spreading mental health awareness, we have fused these elements into one wholesome hub of book-loving, tea-drinking, self-care practising loveliness.

Here you can find advice and support for mental health and well-being, in the form of free resources, our support directory, and self-care support gifts. (Just click on the three lines in the top left corner of the page to see the menu.)  You can discover free self-care activity ideas to try on our blog, which either provide something creative to concentrate on, or look at creating different routines and plans that may help on days where you feel a bit wobbly. This includes the activity that started this website, how to create a Bad Day Plan and a Self Care Support Box. You are free to take the idea and make one of your own, or see if you fancy one of ours! Have a look at our shop for self-care gifts with a literary twist, all designed to help you (or a loved one) with those acts of self-care that seem so very difficult when your mental health is making you feel icky. There’s also reviews of different self-help books available to give you an idea of whether they may be for you (or not) and a book of the week, which is just what happens to be on our bedside table at the moment!

We’ve also been writing about our own experiences and hope that you might be able to learn from our coping strategies, or just feel comforted that if you have the same problems, you’re not alone.  We’re particularly excited to share some of our original short stories with you, along with original illustrations that are inspired by them.

So explore, enjoy and we hope you find something that helps. And remember to be kind to yourself.